Beautiful Strangers..

For how many times this occurs to me, the magic of a random person, a beautiful stranger, I wonder if I shouldn’t make a theme here. It never fails, when I feel invisible, small, alone, unloved.. One of these magical moments occurs..this one happened a few weeks back.

Another beautiful stranger story, though now it’s a new friend, a Bus friend. This young man stutters really badly, but he talked to me for the entire ride. Others stared but he was just looking for a friend.- I have noticed him in the past from time to time, but never felt uneasy or anything. I have to admit when he first tried to ask me what my name was, my guard went up and I froze, but when he said he seen me often, I realized maybe he just needed a friend. I tried hard to let him speak and not try to guess what his words were, it felt important, almost respectively allowing him to talk regardless of how long it took him to convey his thoughts, but I loved the way he said “okay buddy”  and he told me About his fiancé and his job. Once again when I am feeling invisible some beautiful stranger shows me how I am seen. He was polite enough to ask if he could sit next to me, before he started talking to me. Hours, days later and I am still smiling at his kind way, his willingness to try to talk to a stranger despite his stutter. I am in awe at this yet again. “Okay Buddy”! 

Look for the small things in life, those moments and people hold the true magic of our being, this is what helps us to move forward and give us courage to truly be who we really are.

Love and be loved friends.

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