Simply Returning, Remembring where/what love is..

as we muddle through our days, we often allow the negative, bitter thoughts drown us.
This “chat” is a simple request for reminders and ways love fits into our days and lives, simple, sweet, kind or complex, let’s remind us where love live and how sometimes even though it is “where the peace is”, it isn’t always the easy less difficult path, it is always the best path…
let’s hear how we put love in our days and life…

love and be loved peeps..

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4 Responses to Simply Returning, Remembring where/what love is..

  1. Love is accepting someone for exactly who they are, knowing that they will accept you for who you are in return.


  2. Love is giving myself permission to honor my boundaries, accept love from others, and to simply feel peace and enjoyment and love in return.

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  3. Love is not “fixing” everyone, but bearing witnesses as they endure. walking with them, instead of pulling them in your direction I guess.


  4. love is letting go – we can’t control everything and everyone


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