“mine are the hands you can trust..” ~ Lucy Spraggan

As I was scrolling through my facebook pages, this popped up. I love this artist soo much, all of her songs are story’s she shares in a very powerful way. We all need someone we can trust, someone who can see and accept our scars from when you were or are lost. How else can we endure the soo very brutal moments that life throws at us.

I am currently in one of those “lost” moments. As a good friend/coworker always said to me in a sweet reminder, “when it is good, its good, but when it is bad its bad- this too shall pass as everything is temporary”. This is a relief when you are drowning in despair, when you don’t know if you can make it through another day, or you are running out of fight. We all know life isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be. But it is beautiful too, so very beautiful, and when we are stuck and lost and not sure if we can keep pushing forward, look for the beauty, look for hands you can trust, especially with the scars of the past when you were lost.

I share with you today this powerful, beautifully honest and emotional song- story.
I connect with her writing/music so much.

As always my friends, be kind, love one another, find and be hands that can be trusted.
much love and light

About ~Soul Prancing~

About me... or well us.. There is actually a few of us prancing in here, reminding each other there are options, there is grace, compassion, understanding and love in everything. This is a spot to pour out our souls as they prance along in this world, looking for the good, the light, while stepping out, over or around those dark difficult moments. We took a few days to settle on the right name, we had a hard time finding a name that captured beauty, gentleness and just an amazing space and joy of this painful, beautiful and wonderful process. We cannot do this alone, we are not meant to. Please feel free to join the journey of our souls prancing..take a walk with my soul... (almost all pictures are borrowed from other sources, they are not owned by us)
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