Love and be Loved…

love.. such a pure simple word, but what a powerful word too. Love and be loved is something I personally try to love by every moment. I am not very good at it, at least this is my opinion, but I think overall our world is lacking this in its most general, beautiful form, loving all those who cross our paths, even if we feel they don’t deserve it, is that something we should be deciding?
who gets to judge whom is worthy of love?
why can’t we just be kind to one another?
try it, it lifts your heart up a bit to smile, be kind or patient, say nothing instead of a rude remark.. work on our thoughts too, catch the rude thoughts and send love out instead..
like in this email forwarded to me, from a dear true friend, from this websites daily emails;

http:/ /

Your daily truth from the Brave Girls Club
Dear Enormously Loved Girl,

Love is brave. To LOVE and to let others love us is one of the bravest acts we can do each day.

Love is also the salve to all wounds, the remedy to all heartache and the gift that keeps giving. Love is worth the heartache, the time, the sacrifice, the risk. To love will heal us, beautiful friend.

To allow the hope of love, to allow others to love us….yes, this will heal us too.

Today let yourself LOVE….and especially let yourself be loved.

You are so brave. Love is brave.

You are so loved….please let it penetrate your beautiful heart.

love and be loved friends, share the good, the true, the light- xoxo

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