~I saw my Grandma..~

I saw my grandma…. I saw my grandma recently

You see she wandered in to the safety of my dreams. She collected me from work, and we went about shopping. 

You don’t understand how vital this was for me, being able to see her like this was, like she was, all those years to me.
She felt and smelled just like her still, I felt her love radiate through her smile, her hugs, her genuine delight to see and be with me.
We had fun wandering the isles of whichever store she chose, we stopped for lunch, of pastries and delicious desserts- she remembered my food allergies which surprised me so, you see those we’ve only discovered recently.
I saw my grandma recently, you see, she came to see me, in the safety net of a dream. I miss my grandma, and all those who have met up together there too..
But you will never understand what my grandma means to me, I saw my grandma recently, you see, she knew I needed her, more than ever before, and she met me in my dreams.
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