Best teachers…

Best teachers... Over the past while I have noticed that in my attempts to isolate myself, that so many others tend to pull me back and out of my shell. Good friends, family, but most of all, beautiful strangers. So I want to take the time to reflect and remind each other that we all have struggles, but we are not meant to endure or face them alone. Be kind to one another, smile or say hi to the cleaning staff that most of us ignore, let some stranger share his pain of losing his beloved wife, and how he feels it is so hard to be here now without her. Trust the journey.

For me, it happens daily, for example the older fellow who lost his wife, I was n the bus heading to the swimming pool, the fellow sat beside me, I honestly do not even know how our conversation began, but he was telling about his wife, how cancer spread through her body so fast, taking her from him. He told me how each day was so hard for him to keep going, tears rolling down his cheeks, telling me how connected they were, how they did everything together. He shared with me about his daughters and grand daughters, how they always come to him, and he doesn’t know what to do, what they need. I sat beside him, and listened, I looked him in the eyes, with tears in my own, I told him that we both know there isn’t anything I could say or offer him to ease the pain, or bring his beloved back. I patted his shoulder, he told me he knew that, but it was very nice to have someone to talk to, and that good friends were hard to find, he told me his name and I shared mine also. when it came to my stop, I didn’t want to leave this man, suffering, teetering on the edge as he said, he gave me a hug, and oddly it wasn’t uncomfortable, as I think Mr. David was sent to remind me of human connections, love and support. We can not endure this life alone, we are meant to help one another, so slow down, remember what’s truly important, not just in your circle of loved ones, but in strangers. This experience will forever be in my heart,I hope to find him again on a bus or just around, but until then, I send that hurting man soo much love, light, respect and many blessings.

Thank you for these simple yet important lessons and reminders in life, it is not usually easy my friends, but it is always worth it. Notice where life takes you, smiling at people, nodding hello and respect., listening to a friend or stranger, let’s make life beautiful in the broken and bumpy parts. Love and be loved friends. Xoxo


About ~Soul Prancing~

About me... or well us.. There is actually a few of us prancing in here, reminding each other there are options, there is grace, compassion, understanding and love in everything. This is a spot to pour out our souls as they prance along in this world, looking for the good, the light, while stepping out, over or around those dark difficult moments. We took a few days to settle on the right name, we had a hard time finding a name that captured beauty, gentleness and just an amazing space and joy of this painful, beautiful and wonderful process. We cannot do this alone, we are not meant to. Please feel free to join the journey of our souls prancing..take a walk with my soul... (almost all pictures are borrowed from other sources, they are not owned by us)
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