When The Lights Go Out

I have to share with you what ELSE happened today. Last night half of my house lost power suddenly. We slept in a warm house (not exactly hot!), or tried to. There was no explanation. So, what did I do? I did nothing. I literally just went on about my daily activities today. I knew I needed to do something about the loss of power issue…right? But no. I had to deal with that later. Too many other issues. No energy. I have been feeling so exhausted lately. But! I went to the Dr, I talked to my sisters, and I felt good by the time I got home from work. I walked through the front door, but there was still no power. By now I was trying to figure out where could I send the kids for the night and how was I gonna do homework?!?! I didn’t know if my stove worked but I walked over to turn it on. When I flipped the knob, all the lights came on!!! The power was miraculously RECONNECTED!!!! Don’t miss my point. The stove is not my electrical box. 🙂 LOL…It was the fact that the timing was impeccable. You see, my conversations today were about reconnecting to the power source! God is my power source. I’m walking by faith. Praise God!!! When the lights suddenly go out in your life, continue on. Things happen that we don’t understand. You’re not alone. The lights will eventually come back on or at least you’re not losing your precious time worried about it. 🙂

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