Beautiful People

It absolutely never fails, when I venture out into the world in a negative mood or drowning in emotions that I don’t yet know what to do with or how to muddle through them, a beautiful person, a kind soul comes into my path.  It still amazes me when it happens. 

ImageTonight on my way home my beloved asked me to stop for milk, I had set all my items on the counter waiting my turn to pay, but I stepped aside to look at the candy bars (I know I know, I don’t need or want the processed sugars, but they sure are tempting, aren’t they?), as I did this a older gentleman went in front of me, my first thoughts were honestly and truly negative, I reminded myself I had stepped aside and he only had one item.

He quickly noticed my items and started apologizing, I smiled and tried to insist he go before me, but he would have nothing to do with it, he started to tell me how he was trying to bribe his wife with one of the delicate little fruit tarts he was purchasing, and how if he got one for her he would be allowed to have one also, as she didn’t normally allow him to eat them. He went on to tell me that he thought that because he made it to 65 years old he should be able to enjoy what he eats.

This small little moment shared in line for milk and tarts helped to remind me that we are all in this together, we all have our moments, good, bad, ugly, beautiful.. But it is these beautiful people that help us get back on our paths. Be careful out there, you never know when you may connect with another soul on such a simple, yet profound way, let them remind you, guide you or just help you to smile.  Kindness sure goes a long way sometimes, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget, we are all in this together, let’s be kind to each other, love and be loved..


About ~Soul Prancing~

About me... or well us.. There is actually a few of us prancing in here, reminding each other there are options, there is grace, compassion, understanding and love in everything. This is a spot to pour out our souls as they prance along in this world, looking for the good, the light, while stepping out, over or around those dark difficult moments. We took a few days to settle on the right name, we had a hard time finding a name that captured beauty, gentleness and just an amazing space and joy of this painful, beautiful and wonderful process. We cannot do this alone, we are not meant to. Please feel free to join the journey of our souls prancing..take a walk with my soul... (almost all pictures are borrowed from other sources, they are not owned by us)
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