Out of Sorts

As I go through each day lately I have a strange feeling. I seem to have trouble remembering things. I am bombarded with negative thoughts even though there is much to enjoy in my life. With my eyes I can see that the high points of my days are exciting, fun, and abundant in number. But inside I struggle with the low points. They are cold, dark, and lonely. How can this be? The loving acts of kindness from others keep me going but the lack of love for myself is devastatingly lacking. I am out of sorts! Off balance! The Holy Bible teaches to love others as we love ourselves. Maybe the answer to my dilemma is that I have not accepted myself as a beloved creature. That’s a frustrating thought but yet there is truth in it.

Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Do not expect someone else to do it first. Be important to you. Look at yourself in the mirror with sincerity and say, “I Love You!” Everything you’ve been through really happened. It might have been bad and awful, but you’ve made it this far. Be kind, gentle, and loving to yourself. That is where you’ll find balance in the now.

I pray we all find balance in love.

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One Response to Out of Sorts

  1. While I completely respect your view point from the holy bible and what not, sometimes the answers we need do not come in a book, they come from life lessons and learning to trust ourselves and like you said, love yourself. We can never expect love from others if we haven’t learned to love who we are. This is always an ongoing process, and as you walk this path please remember you are not alone, we are not meant to travel life alone. Lean on those who love you while learning to love you, you are so very loved.


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