Stuff – pick it up or leave it lie?

Every day we are faced with other people and their “stuff”, their issues and life challenges.  The person who cut you off on your morning commute, the rude lady in the coffee shop, your friends short or curt remark about your new shoes.  Do you pick this all up and carry it before you really even begin your day?  Is this all directed at you to test you? Is it because you deserve it?

While personally, I do believe in the good and bad of karma, I also believe that nothing in life is personal, we all have our own battles, we all know that sometimes we are not as kind and true as we should or could be. But when you stand back and do your very best to remove other people’s stuff or actions, look at it as something you do not have to pick up or carry.  That you have a choice, let them let you ruin your day or you can respond with love or kindness. I bet if we all tried a little bit more to just remove the unnecessary judgment and harsh reactions to other people’s stuff we would feel better and respond with kindness and create more good spaces, change people’s day as well as our own, sounds simple doesn’t it? Try it!  Don’t pick it up next time,  leave it there, it’s not meant for you to carry, but rather be compassionate, and if that is even difficult just smile.

Love live and be loved.


About ~Soul Prancing~

About me... or well us.. There is actually a few of us prancing in here, reminding each other there are options, there is grace, compassion, understanding and love in everything. This is a spot to pour out our souls as they prance along in this world, looking for the good, the light, while stepping out, over or around those dark difficult moments. We took a few days to settle on the right name, we had a hard time finding a name that captured beauty, gentleness and just an amazing space and joy of this painful, beautiful and wonderful process. We cannot do this alone, we are not meant to. Please feel free to join the journey of our souls prancing..take a walk with my soul... (almost all pictures are borrowed from other sources, they are not owned by us)
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