here we go

I have thought a lot about many many different topics I want to address or explore, but as the day passes I think the best route is to deal with it as it comes, just like life.  Pick up what hits you each day, and how it can only get better from here. There is just so much to say, and discuss. I hope that along the way we pick up some grace and remember that the world is truly a beautiful place.relationships

So where do we start? What is the beginning? Does it not feel like we are in the middle already? I guess we start with what is most floating in our thoughts and minds. Today for me it is relationships, now I am referring to all relationships not just significant others. Relationships are so important, we are not meant to travel the path of life alone. We need friends and loving support. Who can we trust? Who is reliable and worthy to be part of this journey?

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3 Responses to here we go

  1. So aptly stated, SoulPrancing. Who can we trust? And what specifically are we trusting them to do? Who is worthy of this journey?
    I know that you two are. And I trust you.

    I trust the two of you to walk with me, not try to walk my journey for me.
    I trust you to see me, not fix me.
    I trust you to be silent and sit with me.
    I trust you to tell me what you are really thinking.
    I trust you to respect me, truly respect and cherish me.
    I trust you to know that if I am struggling, it really is that hard.
    I trust you to know that not every second is hard and laughter and beauty are everywhere, everyWHEN.
    I trust you to remind me about the beautiful colors in the world.


  2. SoulPrancing and Rainbowofthesun, it is such an honor to be here with the two of you. Wonderful, thought-provoking questions to start and beautiful insight! As a butterfly goes through different phases of transformation, so do we. It is important to find the harmony in every stage of life. Relationships are a necessity. Healthy ones are vital. Trust is foundational to a healthy relationship. Who do we trust? I trust God. I trust that he will place the right people in my life. I trust the two ladies on this blog. I wholeheartly trust the spirit that is in them because it agrees with mine. People who are worthy of full trust don’t just say nice things or deal with a certain set of rules, they touch the real person inside of you. They hold on to that person and do not let you forget her/him. You can fully trust the people who bring out the real you, best you and loves that person. Trust has various levels. It is not wise to trust everyone fully upon meeting them. If something on the inside of you says to be cautious with your trust, listen. You can trust people as far or as close as you need to. It is the loved ones you trust wholeheartly that are worthy to travel your life’s journey with you.


  3. I love the way you worded this, butterflyharmony, about trusting those who bring out the real you, because it is so true, that in itself is a key part to any relationship. I love all of you, not just when you are happy and life is good bright and full of great hope and energy, but I love you too when maybe life is to hard for you and you are having trouble seeing the point of showering or getting out of bed. I love all sides, even the parts we may not be so proud of.
    Both of you ladies bring up some wonderful and true points. I look at the few people who I allow to see me, the true me,and all my imperfect parts, I cherish these people, and I thank them for loving me even when I’m irrational or difficult to be near.
    We all need people to love and trust, some of these individuals are not meant to travel the entire journey with us, some only stay a short while, but I believe every single person has touched us or taught us something during their stay. My mind wanders to friends I was so sure would always be walking with me, and how much it hurt when their journey turned off and mine continued forward. But then I think of how blessed I am to have met so many new people, even this evening I was being grateful for my elderly pool pals, and how easy they are to be around and talk to. It is truly amazing how much we need these, moments, connections, the relationships of life, we always learn something, but even greater we always need someone. Many blessings and love always…~


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